Large range of feeders to automate presses and lines of presses for the production of whichever type of medium-large part. Particularly suitable for lines of presses for the production of parts of cars and of household appliances.


Max exibility
For any kind of press
Fast, solid, reliable

Contacts and Assistance

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Large range of models for the Automation of both single presses and Tandem lines.
Very exible systems
They can be combined with Destackers or coil handling equipments.


Robots with 2, 3, 4, 5 programmable axes, with Cartesian and rotating Movements
Special Design for sheet-metal press loading/unloading
Made using high quality components

Domain of use

Produced in several sizes for manipulating parts up to more than 100Kg and of large size
Especially suitable for the production of Automotive and Domestic Appliances components
Sturdy, reliable and user-friendly