Destacker for feeders and bar-transfers, for small and large parts, for magnetic and no-magnetic material. Reliable, efficient and really user-friendly.


Double-blank unloading
Automatic stack changing
Any type and dimension of blank


Produced in several versions, for combination with Manipulators, Robots, Bar-transfers, Mono-bar Transfers and Transfer-presses.
Including Standard Modules, suitable to solve any lay-out problem.


Solutions for feeding metal blanks from stacks.
Including 2 stations for stack loading, blank separation devices, double- blank checking and unloading, lubrication and centring of the blank for press loading.

Domain of Use

A large range of sizes, for feeding blanks of any shape, dimension and material.
Suitable for any type of production.
Specially designed for the production of Kitchen items, components of Domestic Appliances and Automotive.