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Servo Transfer - NORDA S.p.A.

Servo Transfer

The best solution to get the maximal productivity. Largely applied in the production of parts of cars and of household appliances


Low maintenance
High productivity
High exibility


Easy to combine with destackers or coil handling equipment.
Integrated Solutions with double feeding system.
Large range of Solutions for any type of press and situation.


The Solution that changed the way of transferring presses.
3 programmable axes with independent and perfectly synchronised motion.
From 6 up to 10 servo-motors
High application exibility on the presses.
High speed, reliable and user-friendly.

Domain of Use

5 different sizes, suitable for presses from 2 up to more than 7mt table-length.
X, Y and Z strokes to be defined according to need.
High productivity and quick production change.
Especially suitable for the production of Automotive and Domestic Appliances components.